The Wrong War — An Update

STOP!!! If you haven’t read my previous blog post “The Wrong War?” go back and read that first… and then come back to this update. I wanted to include a…


The Wrong War?

Deep in to my second week of COVID quarantine I received an unexpected and intriguing message from my uncle. It was a video showing him open a small wooden box,…


Sadie’s Sensational Story

Sadie sometime in the 1910's in San Francisco and Charles Bozelle's Mugshot Sarah "Sadie" Broadhurst is my paternal great-grandmother (my dad's dad's mom). She, along with her mother Alice (my…


100 Years

Today would have been my grandfather Ken Koehneke’s 100th birthday. He was born February 9th, 1921, to Otto A. Koehneke and Melitta F. Bronn in Chicago, Illinois. Ken’s older sister,…

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RootsTech 2020

RootsTech starts this week, and if it's anything like last year, it's going to be a very busy 4 days. Some pre-planning goes a long way to ensuring a fun…


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