RootsTech 2020

RootsTech starts this week, and if it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be a very busy 4 days. Some pre-planning goes a long way to ensuring a fun and worthwhile experience. Luckily, the show runners have an app for the show which gives you a map of the exhibit floor and list of exhibitors, as well as all of the session dates/times/titles with the ability to build your own schedule. You can take a peek at the agenda on their website, as well.

Here’s what my week is looking like so far:


8-9 am: Accreditation: What, Why, and How
10 am: 25 Simple Research Hacks for Every Genealogist OR What’s new at Ancestry OR After the Scan — Online Preservation Your Family Can Find
11 am: You CAN Do Irish Research
12:15 pm: The Family History Library: The Premier Destination for Genealogists
1:30 pm: Naturalization: Laws and Records of US Citizenship OR Put a Face to a Name – Finding Old Family Photos
3 pm: A Digital Citizenship Primer for Genealogists OR Create a Shareable Explanatory Transcription OR Colonial Censuses in British America OR United Kingdom Records on
4:30 pm: General Session: 10 year Celebration featuring Steve Rockwood


8:30 am: Innovation and Tech Forum (2-hour session)… OR
9:30 am: Taking the Plunge! Starting and Growing Your Professional Research Business
11 am: General Session featuring Leigh Ann Tuohy
1:30 pm: The Masonic lodge structure and what’s in the mason case
3 pm: Using Social History to Fill In Genealogical gaps OR Ancestry Town Hall
4:45 pm: Coaches Corner consult about the Lawless family


9:30 am: A Deep Dive into Locality Research OR Super Tools: Research Plans and Logs
11 am: General Session featuring David Hume Kennerly
1:30 pm: The Power of Digital Journaling OR Taking Your Blog from Blah to Beautiful OR Research Plans, Source Citations, and Research Logs, Oh My!
3 pm: The Imperfect Genealogist OR Put It in Writing: Effective Research Reports OR The search for the Masonic record
4:30 pm: Family History Research for TV: Behind the Scenes OR Discover Family History Gems in Old Periodicals OR Chronicling America: A Newspaper Site for Everyone


8 am: Ancestry On-The-Go: Ancestry App Suite
9:30 am: How do I access the Masonic Records? OR Forgotten Records of Death
11 am: General Session featuring Emmitt Smith
1:30 pm: Finding Your Immigrant’s Story on Ancestry
3 pm: Genealogy at Library and Archives Canada OR Search Angel Secrets

Clearly I have some decisions to make… whatever I choose, the week will surely provide some fantastic new information that I can use in future genealogical research.

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