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There are so many different research opportunities within a family tree. I’ve found that it can be a bit overwhelming at times trying to figure out what lead to chase down next. I’ve opened up my Ancestry family tree many times only to get a sudden case of ‘research-paralysis’ — where I stare at the screen, go back a few generations, get overwhelmed, and then close the computer to do something else entirely.

After a while, it felt as though I’ve exhausted many of the standard research options… census records, draft cards, newspaper articles, etc… I’ve reached the point where I need to work through the “FAN” research method… where I look at Friends, Acquaintances, and Neighbors of the person in question. Sideways thinking can sometimes unlock mysteries that conventional thinking just couldn’t handle.

This is in no way a complete list… and I’m keeping it pinned to the top of the blog for quick access.

William A. Howe (1865-1943)

  • Do any pictures exist of him?
  • It seems the Glendale Theater was kind of a big deal. Are there any articles or archives about this establishment from when William managed the place?
  • 27 May 1921 article in the LA Times about new theater… “That another theater has been added to the string operated by the West Coast Theaters, Inc., was made known yesterday by the Gore-Ramish-Lesser interests. The house is the Glendale Theater. The deal was in the nature of an affiliation with the Glendale owners, Louise T. Goodno, W.C. Goodno and William A. Hoew[sic]. The seating capacity of the house is 1300.”

Frederick A. Howe Jr. (1829-1911)

  • Was he really part owner of the Lady Elgin?
  • His two wives: Malvina Spencer and Helen Owen… were they related? Flesh out A.T. Spencer’s family tree a bit and this may answer the question.
  • 1910 Census? Was living at 3931 Grand Blvd Chicago IL at the time — as his widow was still at this address after his death
  • Death certificate? He died while away from his Chicago home… vacationing in Florida.

Malvina L. Spencer (~1830-1873)

  • Death record?
  • What was her relation to A.T. Spencer… was he her brother?
  • What was her relation to Frederick A. Howe Jr.’s second wife Helen Owen? Were they cousins?

Edward H. Jack (1823-1908)

  • What happened to his fortune?
  • What happened after the kidnapping? Was his son charged with any crime? What about the co-conspirators?

William S. Moss (1798-1883)

  • There’s a rumor that he fought off a bear… wild shot, but any proof of this story? Any newspaper write-ups?

James Broadhurst (1853-1920?)

  • What happened with James after his wife Alice left for America with some of the kids?
  • Death certificate?

Alice Blinkhorn (1854-?)

  • When/where did she die? Where is she buried?

Patrick Lawless (?-1863)

  • Where in Ireland did he come from?

Ernst Henry Paul Koehneke (1898-?)

  • Where did he disappear to? Illinois–Michigan–Wisconsin–Indiana…
  • When/how did he die? Where is he buried?
  • Why did he seem to break ties with the family?

William/Wilhelm Koehneke (1843-1914)

  • Where in Germany did he come from?

Johann Hinrich Köhnke (1823?-1904?)

  • Where in Germany did he come from?
  • Did his path cross with William after he came to the states?
  • When did he die? Where is he buried?
  • What was his wife’s name? Marriage record in Germany?

Carl Moritz Bronn (1850-1907)

  • Parents’ names?
  • Where in Germany (Hesse) did he come from?

Maria Margaret Meyer (1851-1900)

  • Adopted by the Orff family after her parents died… what happened to her parents? What’s their back story?

Pending Items:

On 12 January 2020, ordered the following items from Cook County:

  • Birth Record for Melitta Fredrika Bronn whose birth year is 1886
  • Birth Record for Otto August Koehneke whose birth year is 1883
  • Death Record for Malvina Howe whose deceased year is 1873
  • Marriage Record for Carl Bronn and Louise Thiel whose marriage year is 1878
  • Marriage Record for Otto August Koehneke and Melitta Fredrika Bronn whose marriage year is 1909

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