I have a few other posts nearly completed — exciting, scandalous, sad events. In light of recent events, though, I figured it may be nice to see something happy. That said… I present to you wedding/engagement/honeymoon photos from years past!

Jack L. Howe Jr & Barbara J. Coen
19 June 1947, Ohio

Mom & Dad!

Otto A. Koehneke & Melitta F. Bronn
9 March 1909, Illinois
Great Grandparents

Kenneth A. Koehneke & Doris H. Pfeiffer
23 April 1949, Ohio

Edward M. Coen & Marguerite E. Schulte
18 November 1922, Ohio
Great Grandparents

Herbert M. Pfeiffer & Helene Stoeppelwerth
23 June 1923, Indiana
Great Grandparents

Edward S. Schulte & Clara Koeckert
13 November 1884, Ohio
2nd Great Grandparents

Paul P. C. Stoeppelwerth & Ida H. C. Knechtel
21 July 1898, Nebraska
2nd Great Grandparents

Extended Family

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  1. chris

    Molly, these are wonderful pictures. Amazing. I especially loved the pictures of Doris and Ken, and your Mom . Memories of these people are some of the fondest of m youth.

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