What’s This?

What’s this? There’s something on the Web. What’s this, what’s this, there’s something to be said…

Okay — I’ll stop. My apologies for the shameless Nightmare Before Christmas song reference… I just couldn’t help myself. On that note, though, if you can’t handle the occasional musical pun, you may want to turn away now.

The purpose and content of this site is in flux. I’m thinking of including posts about my genealogical research findings, the latest and greatest in the genealogy tech world (I’m looking at you Ancestry.com and 23andMe), memories of my time as an active duty Marine, and my struggles post-Marine Corps with finding work and finding myself.

I make no promises of frequency, quality, or consistency just yet. I haven’t openly shared any writing like this on the interwebz since the days of MySpace. By the way, have you looked at archives of your old MySpace page before? Horrifying.

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